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10 Year Limited Edition Collector Box Set

Image of 10 Year Limited Edition Collector Box Set

I am proud to introduce a collectors box set of my most prized images from the last decade. An affordable way to collect my work at a reasonable price point. To buy these images individually would cost $300.

Each set contains:

-10 signed 8”x12” photos printed on Fuji Cyrstal Archive
-Individually bagged in crystal clear archival bags
-Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity (limited to 990)
-Cover sheet with a brief image description
-Acid free proof box

These box sets can be used as a coffee table piece, taken out and individually framed, or displayed in an optional frame (see product purchase drop down). These make for great holiday gifts!

Some of these images have been published internationally with National Geographic and are the symbol of what I have worked so hard to capture in my photography career. The purchase of a box set funds my travels and enables me to start working on the next set!

These will begin shipping out December 1st, 2019.

I have to give a big shout out to Ben Horne for giving me motivation to offer a way for people to collect my work at an affordable option. Check out his work and his Youtube channel for photographic motivation.